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Bacteriocins phylogeny

Bacteriocins are a diverse group of bacterial antimicrobial peptides!
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Bacteriocins mechanism of action

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Bacteriocin Production: a Probiotic Trait?

Mechanisms via which bacteriocin production could contribute to probiotic functionality. Bacteriocins may act as colonizing peptides, facilitating the competition of a probiotic with the resident microbiota (23); they may function as killing peptides, directly eliminating pathogens (9); or they may serve as signaling peptides, signaling other bacteria or the immune system (32, 40, 56).
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Bacteriocins are efficient inhibitor of Clostridium difficile

Transmission electron micrographs of Clostridium difficile ATCC 630 treated for 1 min with :
(a) no inhibitor;
(b) nisin A (16 µg.mL-1);
(c) nisin Z (64 µg.mL-1);
(d) vancomycin (5 µg.mL-1);
(e) nisin A (32 µg.mL-1)
(f) nisin Z (128 µg.mL-1)
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