Become a 'Molecule Authority'

Would you like to become a 'Molecule Authority' in BACTIBASE?

Why should you become a 'Molecule Authority'?
1. For the same reason we decided to develop BACTIBASE Database! For an error-free and updated bacteriocin database, community participation is a must. If you would like to have expertly curated data about bacteriocins, you could contribute yourself by providing your expert opinion on just 1, or if you choose, more than 1 bacteriocins in BACTIBASE.

2. You will be listed (along with your photograph and institutional affiliation) as a 'Reviewer' under 'Credits' button in the 'Molecule Page' of the bacteriocin that you have volunteered to be a 'Molecule Authority' for. As you will be serving a very important voluntary assignment, you will be able to list the 'Molecule Page' as one of your scientific contributions just as a published article is listed.
3. You will be one of the pioneers in supporting our idea of public annotation to keep databases updated and error-free.

What will you be required to do?
You will simply have to use the 'Comments' button on a periodic basis to provide any new data or to point out any change that is necessary or relevant for that particular bacteriocin. Our team will try to update the information on every protein on a regular basis - your role is only to supplement this effort not to replace it. We do not anticipate that this will be a significant burden on your in terms of your time.

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