Thank you for your interest in our BACTIBASE Database

BACTIBASE contains calculated or predicted physicochemical properties of 230 bacteriocins produced by both Gram-positive (206) and Gram-negative bacteria (19). The information in this database is very easy to extract and allows rapid prediction of relationships structure/function and target organisms of these peptides and therefore better exploitation of their biological activity in both the medical and food sectors.

It is a web-based platform enabling easy retrieval, via various filters, of sets of bacteriocins that will enable detailed analysis of a number of microbiological and physicochemical data. The microbial physicochemical and structural proprieties provided in such database would allow better and more comprehensive structural and functional analysis of this special group of antimicrobial peptides. This would certainly be useful in food preservation or food safety applications, but also has implications for the development of new drugs for medical use.

The BACTIBASE database is under continuous development, so there is no guarantee that it will be accessible at all times. Also, although we try to enter data accurately and to correct errors in data that are already entered, there is no guarantee that any particular datum is correct, and we disclaim any liability for any errors or omissions in this web-site or the data it contains.