Bacteriocin: Thermophilin 1277

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Bacteriocin: Thermophilin 1277

Accession: BAC155

Class: Lantibiotic
Gene: tepA
Producer and target organisms
First report on a lantibiotic produced by Strep. thermophilus strain. The DNA sequence of this region is identical to bovicin HJ50 produced by Strep. bovis HJ50, which belongs to the same genus to Strep. thermophilus.
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UniProt Entry: A7M695

PDB EntryUnknown

characterization of thermophilin 1277
Kabuki T., Uenishi H., Watanabe M., Seto Y., Nakajima H.
"Characterization of a bacteriocin, Thermophilin 1277, produced by Streptococcus thermophilus SBT1277.", J. Appl. Microbiol. 102(4):971-980(2007)
NUCLEOTIDE SEQUENCE of thermophilin 1277
Kabuki T., Uenishi H., Seto Y., Yoshioka T., Nakajima H.
"A unique lantibiotic, thermophilin 1277, containing a disulfide bridge and two thioether bridges.", J. Appl. Microbiol. 106(3):853-862(2009)
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Gene structure
genome of Thermophilin 1277

Gene idNameDescriptionLocation
BACGene693hypothetical protein1..1050
BACGene694hypothetical protein1120..1419
BACGene695hypothetical protein1432..1722
BACGene696tepAthermophilin 12771861..2037
BACGene697tepMhypothetical bacteriocin modified enzyme2118..4631
BACGene698tepThypothetical bacteriocin transporter4645..6687
BACGene699tepFhypothetical bacteriocin immunity protein6662..7570
BACGene700tepFhypothetical protein7554..8276
BACGene701tepFhypothetical protein8283..8999
BACGene702tepKhypothetical bacteriocin immunity protein8989..10500
BACGene703tepRhypothetical bacteriocin immunity protein10721..11074
BACGene704tepRhypothetical protein11143..11301
BACGene705tepRhypothetical protein11313..11798
BACGene706tepRhypothetical protein12012..12662
BACGene707tepRhypothetical protein12702..13790
BACGene708tepRhypothetical protein13844..14071
BACGene709tepRhypothetical protein14075..14470
BACGene710tepRhypothetical proteincomplement(14831..15130)
BACGene711tepRhypothetical proteincomplement(15117..15485)
BACGene712tepRhypothetical proteincomplement(15482..16402)
Protein sequence
 ........10 ........20 ........30 ........40 
          |          |          |          | 

Wheel representation
wheel representation of Thermophilin 1277

Formula C147 H248 N42 O46 S4
Absent amino acids EFHMQY
Common amino acids I
Mass (Da) 3486.66
Net charge +2
Isoelectric point 8.34
Basic residues 4
Acidic residues 2
Hydrophobic residues 12
Polar residues 14
Aliphatic residues 7
Tiny residues 8
Boman Index -29.24
Hydropathy Index 0.3
Aliphatic Index 91.82
Instability Index 24.98 (stable)
Half Life Mammalian : 4.4 hour
Yeast : >20 hour
E. coli : >10 hour
Extinction Coefficient 5500 M-1 cm-1
Absorbance 280nm 179.69

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