Bacteriocin: Enterocin 96

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Bacteriocin: Enterocin 96

Accession: BAC149

Class: Class II
Gene: Unidentified
search in protein databases revealed that enterocin 96 was identical to the C-terminal part of a putative uncharacterized protein from Enterococcus faecalis V583 (accession number EF_B0056) identified after complete genome sequencing of this strain. The amino acid sequence of this protein contains an N-terminal extension of 26 amino acids with two C-terminal 1 glycyl residues. The likely presence of such an extension for enterocin 96 was investigated by sequencing its structural gene.

Izquierdo, Esther, Wagner, Camille, Marchioni, Eric, Aoude-Werner, Dalal, Ennahar, Said.
"Enterocin 96, a novel class II bacteriocin produced by Enterococcus faecalis WHE 96, isolated from Munster cheese", Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 2009 0: AEM.02772-08.
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Protein sequence
 ........10 ........20 ........30 ........40 ........50 
          |          |          |          |          | 

Wheel representation
wheel representation of Enterocin 96

Formula C214 H355 N67 O68 S7
Absent amino acids EFW
Common amino acids AC
Mass (Da) 5493.92
Net charge +4
Isoelectric point 8.5
Basic residues 8
Acidic residues 4
Hydrophobic residues 13
Polar residues 19
Aliphatic residues 8
Tiny residues 13
Boman Index -86.9
Hydropathy Index -0.25
Aliphatic Index 71.25
Instability Index 53.47 (unstable)
Half Life Mammalian : 30 hour
Yeast : >20 hour
E. coli : >10 hour
Extinction Coefficient 2980 M-1 cm-1
Absorbance 280nm 68.72

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