Bacteriocin: Salivaricin A3

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Bacteriocin: Salivaricin A3

Accession: BAC094

Class: Lantibiotic
Gene: salA3
Producer and target organisms

Producer Organism: Streptococcus salivarius [Gram-positive]

Taxonomy: BacteriaFirmicutesLactobacillalesStreptococcaceaeStreptococcus

Target organismsUnavailable data

Mode of action:
Lanthionine-containing peptide antibiotic (lantibiotic). The bactericidal activity of lantibiotics is based on depolarization of energized bacterial cytoplasmic membranes, initiated by the formation of aqueous transmembrane pores.

Post-translational modification:
Maturation of lantibiotics involves the enzymic conversion of Thr, and Ser into dehydrated AA and the formation of thioether bonds with cysteine. This is followed by membrane translocation and cleavage of the modified precursor.

Annotation was done by homology to salivaricin A.
Uniprot and PDB links

UniProt Entry: Q38L35

PDB EntryUnknown

Wescombe P.A., Upton M., Dierksen K.P., Ragland N.L., Sivabalan S., Wirawan R.E., Inglis M.A., Moore C.J., Walker G.V., Chilcott C.N., Jenkinson H.F., Tagg J.R.
"Production of the Lantibiotic Salivaricin A and Its Variants by Oral Streptococci and Use of a Specific Induction Assay To Detect Their Presence in Human Saliva.", Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 72:1459-1466(2006).
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Gene structure
genome of Salivaricin A3

Gene idNameDescriptionLocation
BACGene387salA3salivaricin A3 precursor lantibiotic1..147
Protein sequence
 ........10 ........20 ........30 
          |          |          | 

Wheel representation
wheel representation of Salivaricin A3

Formula C104 H162 N26 O31 S3
Absent amino acids EHLMQRY
Common amino acids CI
Mass (Da) 2387.14
Net charge 0
Isoelectric point 6.11
Basic residues 2
Acidic residues 2
Hydrophobic residues 7
Polar residues 9
Aliphatic residues 4
Tiny residues 4
Boman Index -12.08
Hydropathy Index 0.2
Aliphatic Index 70.91
Instability Index 20.05 (stable)
Half Life Mammalian : 1.3 hour
Yeast : 3 min
E. coli : 2 min
Extinction Coefficient 5500 M-1 cm-1
Absorbance 280nm 267.86

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